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Too old for this shit

I went out and bought myself a copy of Civilization IV today. I had a coupon for bestbuy which knocked the price down from 50 dollars to 30, and it had been ages since I had bought any computer game. I think the last was neverwinter nights and I blame that completely on darken because he said it would be spiffy to run multiplayer games online. Other than that, I've passed on ever new game to hit the market since most of them have been those monthly pay for play games and I flatly refuse to pay a monthly fee for this shit. I run too hot and too cold on games in general to ever get myself roped into something where I have to pay a set amount every month regardless of whether I even use their servers.

Civilization I and II were some of my favorite games from when I was a kid, and I still play the latter occassionally nowadays. It was great to be able to build an empire without the pressure and twitchiness of a RTS system. By being turn based, you could take as long as you wanted to plan out each move you wanted to make. It also allowed for more depth to the game since speed was never an issue.

So I installed the game and after going through the tutorial, I feel overwhelmed. I want my old Civ back. State religions? Civic improvements? Culture? WTF?! Everything seems complicated beyond belief now with more options than you can shake a stick at. I'm apprehensive about even trying to start a game and flipping through a 224 page rulebook has not assuaged my concerns any. Whatever happened to the good old days when there was just a joystick and one button for shooting lasers? Hell, whatever happened to those days when Civ II was about as complicated as it got?

I feel decrepit.

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