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An abrupt end always feels sad

Well, there was basically no way I could make it back up for the last day of ubercon today. It was a mess out there and that meant that I had to ditch 2 events while I was at it and also miss out on one of the best parts of any con. The events weren't a big deal, since after the snow began to fall yesterday, most people had ditched anyway. It's probaly one of the few occassions I've ever seen where saturday night was less crowded than friday. The minute the first flakes started to stick, most of hte commuters headed for the hills. I, of course, ended up staying until 2:30am at which point I had a hour plus drive that was more like sledding than driving.

As for what I miss....I love the sort of wrapup sessions at the end. I love the wind down as you chat with the various people who you only see at that specific, or general local cons. It's sort of a calm, warm and fuzzy feeling and it makes for a nice end to what is usually a hectic and sleep deprived weekend. Trading war stories, discussing the next event, passing around contact information, etc.


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