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The soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window

A while back I gleaned something from another blog that I thought was pretty interesting. The Japanese have apparently invented the vagina in a can and sell it in various stores where one intrepid blogger went and bought one.

It was the one and only Komankou Vagina in a Can.

It was just on the shelf, sitting there and staring at me, beckoning to me with their come hither looks and promises of a happy ending.

I should have known better though, for 400yen ($4) what else could I expect?

I'll admit to you now, I've never bought a sex toy although I've always seen them on TV. I had no idea what to expect from Vagina in a Can �, and I don�t think I was prepared for the horror. Sure once I got back to the hotel I opened the sucker up to see what was contained inside, and I regret not taking a picture of keeping the innards and maybe you will understand why.

It was the sloppiest most terrifying thing in the world. Inside the can contained a rubber vagina with a foam sponge surrounding it, I suppose, to give it the sense of realism. I should also explain that these aren't supposed to be removed from the can, you have to fuck the can if you wanted to get the full effect of Komankou Vagina in a Can. For the most part, I suppose if you have the hots for a jar of peanut butter.. it can be somewhat bearable, but what wasn't normal was the amount of slimy lubricant they filled it with.

The can was literally just oozing with ooze. It pretty much made me lose my lunch. Needless to say, I didn't have sex with a can that night. I just sat there disappointed that my $4 would never be seen again, then I cried myself to sleep that night.

He includes pictures of it at the entry as well as a fasinating hand sketch of the anatomy of a vagina in a can.

You have to love the japanese. I can just imagine them selling these things in their equivalent of walmarts out there. Someone heads to one in the middle of the night for a bag of chips and figures he'll spoil himself and pick up a vagina in a can to go with it for a happy ending. Friends come over and hang out and while rumaging for the last mountain dew come across your vagina in a can's next to the creamed corn. 'Hey, mind if I borrow one of these sailor moon ones? I just ran out and I'm not due to go shopping until wednesday.'. Now if only they could come up with something in a can that cooks and cleans.

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