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Everyone fears Chinatown

So even with the blizzard, ubercon was pretty spiffy this year. Since I measure the success or failure of any con based solely on the amount of swag I walk out with, you can infer from this that I made off like a bandit. I picked up two games that I don't own from the prize table, though it was an arduous sort of journey. But, lets start from the beginning.

I seem to have this unfortunate habit of getting blasted lost everytime I go to ubercon. It dosen't seem to matter if I have mapped out directions or how early I leave to get there. In the end, I always manage to get lost and scramble into the boardgame room late for my first event. I blame this completely on whatever incompetant city planner designed the roads and highways up there in secaucus. The entire area looks like some blind retard drew the plans for the highway system with a handful of crayons. Everything twists and turns, merges and splits with no discernable pattern. I had the added problem of having the directions to the hotel, but not remembering its name. When I finally did find the place, it had more to do with blind luck than any organized plan. I still made out better than Lori who apparently got completely turned around on her way there.

Friday was pretty tame. I ran a couple of games and spent a good amount of time shooting the breeze with Lori and Dave. We snagged some food at a local mall and played in a couple of events. Lets see:

-The Ice Cream Social was disapointing, being quite short on ice cream. Good for watching the caloric intake I guess, but I was hoping for more than a scoop and some whip cream and sprinkles.

-The DDR people are insane. It was that or the guitar game the entire freaking night. I just don't see how they can get their feet to move that quickly and in a coordinated fashion. I don't think I could have followed those farging arrows in time using a keyboard much less moving body parts.

-Jolt Gum is still disgusting.

-Drank a couple bottles of milk chillers and for some reason (despite the fact that I'm lactose intolerant) had no problems afterwards. It makes me wonder what the heck is really in there when they tell us it's milk.

-Werewolf was fun though again, the village was sort of stupid. I've come to the conclusion I really shouldn't play the game. I'm always wrong about who's a wherewolf.

Saturday went more or less the same way that friday did. The sad part being that neither Lori nor Dave were likely to be back. They both had other obligations and there was also that report of a blizzard moving in. It didn't start to make a dent in the con attendance until around 4pm where within the space of a hour, people vanished, fleeing for the hills. I was supposed to run a game for the kids track and right before my event at 4, there were tons of the little buggers playing Sorry. By the time I got set up at 5, all of them had disappeared along with their parents. The snow had started to fall and everyone was rushing to get home before the roads became impassable. Spent a lot of time in games with Steve (the evil one) as we tried to come up with a plan to gather enough tickets to actually get something from the prize table. We were planning to hold a raffle of sorts where everyone would write their names on the back of their tickets, we put them into a hat, and then pull one out, winner take all. That way at least one person would be able to get what they wanted. Turned out it wasn't necessary for either of us.

-Played Anno 1503 and whomped ass. Never had such a streak of luck before in any game. Could have won twice over probaly.

-Played Caylus. Despite wanting to hate it, actually liked it. Very well designed and balanced. Winning was also nice.

-Played in a mini no limit texas holdem tourney and defying all the odds, actually won. Vegas here I come.

-Bought and accumilated tickets until I had to get Vegas Showdown and 3-dragon ante from the prize table.

-Played werewolf where Earl (uberninja) and I teamed up to form Chinatown on one side of the table. Experienced eerie sensation when people kept trying to dive in front of me to 'take the bullet' when the villagers wanted to lynch me.

Lastly, I was the stupidest commuter there, deciding not to leave until past 2:30am. By then, even the most hardy souls who had a drive ot make had left hours ago. The drive back was quite an adventure, and almost fun. It was really like sledding and if I had the oppertunity to do it again, I would have liked to have spun the car out a few times or swerved around a bit more. I often is it going to be that I have a highway almost completely to myself? I had a couple minor near misses but that was about it. It was around 4am by the time I got home and there was no way I could make it out later in the morning to go back up for sunday.

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