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The little rant that could(n't)

So it's valentine's day. I assume that a good chunk of you out there expect me to go off on some spittle spraying rant of one sort or another right about now. After all, it's a perfect target, no? All those disgustingly chalky pastel color hearts mixed with saccharine messages of love and togetherness until it's enough to make even the most stoic person puke out their internal organs. What better day to give the world the finger? Well, I'm afraid that apathy in this case has won over rage. I simply don't give a flying frak. Don't care about the commercialism. Don't care about the fake holidayness of it. Don't care about happy people out frolicing and renewing their love. Don't even care about the rampant transmission of STDs that is probaly going on right now. (well, okay, I lied there. I still find that sort of funny.)

Enjoy your happy-go-lucky day of love and tenderness. Remember to take small bites and don't choke on it.

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