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Genetic Monstrosity

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, the Westminster dog show just wrapped up yesterday. No doubt many of you were busy watching Olympic curling matches on CNBC or playing the 'falls on their ass' drinking game which I imagine is the only thing that makes many of the other 'sports' bearable. Still, with awareness or not, the dog show has come to pass and once again the erudite dog breeders out there have gathered together their genetic freakshows to crown a king. This time they have really outdone themselves. I present the winner, Rufus:

Okay, someone tell me with a straight face that is not one freakyass dog. It looks like the people at Pixar joined forces with some South Korean biotech company to genetically engineer the first cartoon-dog hybrid. I look at this thing and can't get over the feeling that I've seen it on nickelodeon at some point chasing bugs bunny around. It's a walking freak show and I really don't like the way it's grinning at me. If I weren't almost certain that it'd survive, I'd suggest dropping an anvil on it as a test.

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