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Enemies live another day

Well, it looks like the powerball numbers are up and I didn't hit the jackpot. I did however pick up $3 for having the powerball correct on one of the tickets. Like, SCORE! Feh. It seems that there was only one winner and they live in Nebraska. Freaking NEBRASKA! Like you need 365 million dollars if you live there. You can probaly buy up half the state for that amount of money. The cost of living there must be just slightly above that of a third world country.

Still, I guess there are upsides to not winning. I don't feel obligated to buy quartzie her dvd's now and that's a plus. The sooner Sex and the City is burried and gone the better. The finale should have involved everyone on that show finding out they had some sort of brain eating STD. Another plus is that juju won't feel bad having had her hubby buy the winner ticket only to turn it over to someone else. More likely she would have taken the money and ran and I'd spend the rest of my life trying to track her down like an episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago.

Winning would have solved a lot of problems and opened a lot of oppertunities but I guess, in the end, it's best that it went to someone who really needed it and was less fortunate. I dunno what you call having to live in Nebraska but it seems to fit the bill to me.

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