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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1159

Watching the news this evening, I was faced with a horrid sight in the form of a human interest story. The fluff piece was supposed to show what might be the world's fattest cat at 53 pounds. This of course immediately piqued my interest, being one who is aware of the satanic evil of felines and knowing that this could be no mere fluke. The cat was absolutely ginormous! The owner claimed to feed it 6 pounds of chicken a day but I'll bet it's chicken spiced with concentrated evil. No doubt this is some sort of 'boss cat' in the same vein as Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard. It probaly directs the forces of evil from a giant divan chair somewhere as it consumes the souls of the innocent to maintain its size.

So of course after seeing this video, I went online to search for a picture of the foul beast. To my shock I find that this is not the only superstuffed cat out there. In fact, there were so many of these foul and large beasts that I couldn't even find the one I had seen. Instead, there were various news stories online from sites such as the BBC announcing the existance of cats all in the range of 50 pounds. Below is a supposed picture of just one of these.

The horror....the horror...

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