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As if you weren't blind enough

From the dark pits of the internet I bring you....PORN.

For those who can 'read' braile anyway.

Amazing. Who would have believed that playboy would actually put out a braile edition of its magazine. Even more interestingly, WHY would they put it out? Can you actually convey images somehow in braile or is it just a stream of descriptive adjectives. 'Here we have a picture of kandi nekkid and leaning against a sports car with her hands on the hood and one leg over her head.'

So who wants to go and grab one of those braile translation whozits and see if they can figure out what's on the front cover? Notice also that this is just part 2 of 4 to convey a single issue of playboy. It must be like a phonebook in the end. It's sorta remarkable in the end that the lengths some people will go to to get their wank on.

I think I see a boobie!

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