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What your mom was probaly wearing

Now, I don't think I've ever seen the inside of a victoria's secret catalogue. I've seen them floating around but for some reason, I could never be bothered enough to flip through the pages of one. It never seemed like it would be all that much of a thrill. Sorta like the sports illustrated swimsuit catalogue, another periodical I have never perused. Still, if you take it back a quarter of a decade or so, anything becomes sorta interesting. So I present to you, the victoria's secret catalogue from 1977.

Hmmmm. Are the current issues just as, err, 'nipply'? I always assumed that things like that would have been censored, ecspecially back in the 70's. It's even more fun if you look at the pictures and then imagine the models wearing the same thing but 30 years older. WooT. Get your old lady porn!

It seems that even back then there was quite a premium markup for this sort of thing. I mean, 85 dollars for a french lace teddy. That's back when 85 dollars was quite a lot of money to be blowing on an amount of fabric that could be compressed to the size of a silver dollar. Maybe someone who's knowledgeable about such things could chime in, but the sizes seem a bit odd, no? I thought women's sizes ranged up from 0 yet for all of these whozits they seem to start at 32.

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