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Mosque go boom

Well, it looks like a shiite holy site just went up in flames. Actually, it blew up around a day ago, but I haven't been able to sort out my sort of ambivalent feelings about it until now. In one respect, it's a surprise that this sort of thing hasn't happened before now. I'm sure Al Qaedea knows that it's best chance for success in iraq is turning the entire country into a religious holy war with sunnis vs shiites. This would make the place effectively ungovernable (as if it weren't halfway there already) and also provide recruits as the weaker sunnis sought outside aid. This was sort of emphasized by the switch to civilian targeted bombings a while back and seems to have taken another large step in the destruction of the mosque.

It's funny though. For all the times you hear the hyperbole that we should bomb the frak out of mecca or something, the ones blowing up muslim holy sites are muslims themselves. On one hand, I think that maybe the mosque bombing will be a good thing in the long run. Maybe it'll wake up the shiites to who the real enemy is and that they should turn out those terrorists that are hiding among them. Then I hear these camel fuckers blaming the US for the mosque's destruction and I think maybe it's a good thing because they're just pissing me off. ("In Baghdad, militiamen loyal to radical cleric Moktada al-Sadr, who is a fervent believer in the prophecy of the Imam Mahdi, drove through the streets of Sadr City with Kalashnikovs. Many accused the Americans of carrying out the attack.") At what point do you just write these people off and come to the conclusion they're just too stupid to live.

Say what you will, from the pictures it looks like it was a beautiful structure. It certainly ain't pretty now. Here's a before and after picture from the new york times.

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