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So a while back I bitched about the positive TB test. I figured it would make my ineligable for the clinical trial and was bemoaning the fact that I would have to drive, at 6:30 am, another 70 miles to be told I didn't qualify. It ended up actually being worse than that. Those equivocating wanks couldn't decide whether the test was 'really' positive or not. A parade of doctors came in to rub their fingers over my arm, what seemed to me to be a clear indication of a positive. But hey, what do I know. All I had to go on were online descriptions and the like. They suggested that I go back home and get _another_ PPD on the other arm in a week or so and then come back. If it was still positive they indicated then they could get me a chest x-ray or something to confirm the situation and until then the study was in doubt.

Well, I made the freaking drive home and waited around until the day I was to get stabbed again. Turns out that there was a scheduling mixup on their part so that the whole thing was pushed back for around 3 weeks. This past monday was the 2nd PPD and thursday morning at 6:30am I was off driving again. I've basically got an identical sort of mark on the arm, no different from what I can tell than last time. After a short parade of doctors I was told that the test was positive and that I no longer qualified and that was it. Fuckers. $90 dollars out of pocket for the PPD shots and around 420 miles traveled in total for this piece of shit study. Within 10 minutes I was out of there and back into the car and on my way back.


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