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Now that's what I'm fraking talking about

Tonight's battlestar galactica kicked freaking ass. Finally there was an episode worth watching since the last 4-5 choked like crazy. It also goes to show you that you don't need a huge budget with lots of special effects to have a stellar episode. There were no space battles or anything this time around, just tons of fabulous writing and plot development. We finally get a chance to see things from the Cylon point of view and it's past due. When Caprica Six had her own little 'imaginary' Baltar, all that was running through my head was 'The circle is now complete'.

Thanks to this episode, I have a lot of hope that the season finale is going to be fantastic. I've seen the blurbs about it that the Cylons will offer peace, but I assumed it would follow the same generic backstab plot of most sci-fi shows. With the development of cylons with a conscience, there might be a deeper and more complex story elements to explore. Frankly, anything that gets the story and focus away from Lee and that skank Dee would make me happy. I'm still hoping that she somehow gets blown out an airlock.

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