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In the darkness the trees are full of starlight

What sort of pickled plum is on your back?

So I downloaded Fruits Basket and I <3 it. It's an anime that I first saw years ago and had always regarded as one of my favorites, but the episodes are lost somewhere on my giant pile of unsorted burned cd's somewhere. It's the story of a girl who stumbles over a family whose members are cursed by the animals of the chinese zodiac. Whenever they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, or they're generally phyiscally weak, they transform into their animal forms. Sorta like Ranma I guess but without the gender bending.

It's really a sweet anime and it has all sorts of fluffy messages. In the episode I'm watching right now they're making onigiri (rice balls) and Honda Tohru is speculating that people are like riceballs. We all have a Umeboshi (picked plum) stuck on our backs somewhere, though they are different sizes or shapes, colors or flavors. We go through life never seeing our own Umeboshi though and thinking "I'm nothing at all, just white rice", while envying the Umeboshi of others that we can see. Never has having a pickled plum on your back sounded so appealing.

Maybe I should just go and learn japanese. I've never been any good at foreign languages and I'm generally of the belief that other people should learn fraking english, but it might be nice to be able to watch things like this without the subtitles. I wonder how much depth to the language I'm missing by using translations.
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