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February 28th

Well, it's officially international pancake day and my sister's birthday. If I'm more excited about the former, does it make me a bad person? Other than that, there's not much interesting going on. I just concluded the biggest True Dungeon token trade in history last night and will mail out my part of the deal today, but I'm sure most of you have no idea about what true dungeon even is. Suffice to say that barring some sort of rip off or mail catastrophe, I'm going to be very well stocked for gencon this year when it comes to the dungeon run.

Hmmm...what else has there been lately.

Oh, well I won another NBC CCG tourney this past saturday. That brings to 2 the number I've won out of 4 or so. Not bad considering that before these tourneys I had never actually played a full game and that the only time I do get to play is during them.

I picked up a Killer Bunnies Delta Set on eBay for $250 a week or so ago too. Only 75 or so were ever made with all the expansions and I've got one of them. That's right bitches. I have a complete delta set. Who wants to fuckin' touch me??!? I said, WHO WANTS TO FUCKIN' TOUCH ME?!?!

I finally have a complete set of Groo the card game, even though I got ripped off by some guy on BGG for a set. I'm still looking for someone who wants to go down to Largo florida or knows someone who lives down there who is willing to go knock on this SOB's door.

The DnD game has been on hiatus for like 3 months now. It's like a curse or something. Something comes up each time. Randy dislocated his shoulder before one game, ubercon conflicted with another, kath just sprained her ankle before this past week's, etc. It's been a mess.

I'm downloading S1 of 24 right now. Figured I'd give it a try after all the raves. Besides, I hear the main character likes to beat the crap out of terrorists. That sounds entertaining.

Well, I've run out of ideas. There's just nothing all that interesting going on.

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