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Scores are in

Just got the test results in the mail.

Verbal ability: 451 (97th precentile)
Biology: 453 (97th precentile)
Reading Comprehension: 425 (85th precentile)
Quantitative Ability: 420 (82nd precentile)
Chemistry 428 (87th precentile)

Composite: 435 (95th precentile)

I'm not sure exactly what the max score for each section was but searching online it seems that my scores are in the competative range if nothing else. No surprise the lowest score was in math. When you spend the last 45 seconds of a section franticly guessing 'B' for the last 15 questions or so, you're due to get a bit shafted. Frankly, I'm surprised that the bio was as high as it was and the composite as well. Based on the other scores, I'm sort of disapointed in the chem, though it was only to be expected. It was going to be a weak link no matter what.

Man, I'm a moron. I've been looking at the composite score this entire time and didn't even realize it. I thought it was composite as in 'writing composite'. It looks like I didn't just do well, I beat the crap out of the test somehow. 95th precentile if it can be believed, and this on something I thought I had tanked. The schools I've looked at all seem to have average acceptance scores in the range of around 80 to 87th precentile. Based on that, I should be sitting pretty if it's based just on standardized tests.

Either I'm even more intelligent than even I ever imagined, or people out there are stupider than I ever believed possible. Pick your poison.
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