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Oma: The universe is vast and we are so small. There is only one thing we can truly control.

Daniel: What's that?

Oma: Whether we are good or evil.

And what if you don't really know which choice you've made? I'm sure most people believe that they are good at heart. I'm sure this even applies to serial killers and democrats. What does it mean then when you're really not sure at the heart of the matter, which you reall are?

I find myself pondering morality quite often and it's a very disconcerting sort of thing to not know where you stand. You could argue forever about what standard of good and evil to apply, but to reduce it to its heart, we can only use what we personally believe and our own moral code. We borrow bits and pieces from other people, religion, and our experiences in general, and we cobble it together into a way to make value judgements about the world. So what does it mean exactly when even using your own moral code, you're not sure exactly where you stand? Wouldn't it be a funny thing if the final judgement day were one in which we evaluate ourselves based on the very things we believe to be right and wrong. Talk about a case where having low standards would be an asset.
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