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Not quite ready for Vegas

Well, the poker tournament was a mixed success. Suffice to say I didn't win the main event. I did however make it past the halfway point and got hosed mightily on a hand with bullets I won't be forgetting anytime soon. On the positive side, I ended up making more money than I lost playing in sporadic cash games that started up. I ended the day up 8 dollars overall, and that's including 5 dollars for the pizza buy-in. Not bad considering I was down 40 at one point. Part of the problem is I really don't know how to most effectively bet. My ability to use a chip lead to my advantage is almost nil and my skills in heads up play are abysmal. That aside, I did pretty well most of the time.

The rest of the game day was fun but I'm too tired to recap it now. I've got another event in around 9 hours and I'm exhausted.
Tags: board/card gaming, poker, stronghold

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