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The line between love and hate is ignorance

So the game day at The Fortress yesterday was pretty spiffy. After all my costs for the day, I ended up picking up a 1 dollar profit from playing poker (Hadn't counted in the box of 50 munchkins I brought with me in the last tabulation), which came in handy today to pay the $1 meetup fee. Other than poker I got in on a game of buffy the vamprie slayer, the board game, alhambra, and apples to apples. Nothing overly exciting but it was a more than pleasant day.

What I'm starting to realize is that as I get to know the people who go to the double exposure cons is that I can now seperate them into two general categories. People I like and people I loathe and who I hope get run over by a bus. This is of course an indication of progression in my integration into this gaming community. Whenever you're new to a group you basically have a hard enough time just remembering who's who and you tend to generally get along with everyone. After continued and repeated exposure though, it's almost mandatory that people get grouped in my head into like and hate. In short, it's basically like a highschool clique whozit all over again. It's sorta funny to see the undercurrents of this running through the con or when all of these people get together like the gameday, and sometimes it's like a mine field with the whole who dosen't get along with who situation.

The meetup also went pretty well today. We had a NBC tourney where I got stomped for the first time in ages. One of the guys from andrew's playtest group had a deck that was just beyond fraking evil. My deck has been able to dominate in any game I've tried it in so far up to this point. Playing against him however was just painful and I got the tar kicked out of me. I think in the future if I'm ever matched up with him again I'll just forgoe the pleasure of the match and just let him kick me in the nads a couple of times. I ended up coming in fourth place which was suckage and the booster packs I won had zilch that I was looking for in th way of cards, double suckage.

On a positive note, the demo games for playroom went okay and there was a new record of 33 people at the meetup. It seems to keep expanding by leaps and bounds ever since feburary and it looks like that the increase in interest means that we'll slot in a 2nd meeting every month.
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