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No internet? EEEEK!

Farging net was down for like 10 hours and only just popped back up. The downtime encouraged me to get some extra sleep instead of staying up half the night and it's probaly a good thing in the end. I think I was working on incubating a cold over the past couple days but there's no hint of it this morning. Running around in a t-shirt without a jacket in winter probaly isn't the brightest thing to do but I usually just can't be bothered to drag it along with me. Lets see, what else is going on....

1) Lunacon is in a week and a half

2) Selling crap on ebay to try to give myself a positive paypal balance after the cost of buying the KB delta set.

3) Lord of the Bunnies has been official retired by Playroom Entertainment.

4) Still downloading and watching Ranma 1/2 episodes.

5) The battlestar galactica season finale this friday is going to be 90 minutes long! WooT!

6) I would love to get a copy of the Discworld Thud boardgame, but it seems that they're only putting it out in the UK. The retail price is 25 pounds, which is hefty enough with the thrice damned exchange rate, but to ship it to the US would cost another 16. That's around $71.31 which is just frakking insane. Of course, if someone visiting england (*cough* khavi *cough*) found it in a discount bin and then decided to buy and lug it back home to a nordic country and then kept it around for 5 months and then lugged it to indianapolis for gencon to gift to someone, I'm sure that someone would be incredibly grateful :P.
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