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Oddity Roundup

I don't care how good it might taste. I just don't think I could get myself to eat a furry lobster. The damn thing looks like some sort of gigantic tick or something. Just looking at it I feel like someone's jumping up and down on a primitive fear receptor somewhere in my reptillian brain.

Everyone loves Brokeback bunnies, or hell, at least I do. Now this is the way to do a gay cowboy movie. None of that touchy feely girly crap. Just bunnies and done in 30 seconds.

Hey look! It's the Real Life Simpsons. I wonder how long it took these people to end up staging this thing. The amount of effort to synch it to the actual opening must've been extreme. Since they've found a cast, it might be sorta interesting if they actually filmed the first episode or something with the human actors.

Is there anything you can't build out of freaking Legos these days? That volvo is amazing, though I guess what should really be impressive is the whozit that can "solve mathematical problems (2nd/3rd-order polynomials) and calculate the answers to 3 or 4 digits." WTF?! I can't even begin to imagine how the guy managed that with just legos.

WooT! Flying Cars for everyone! Well, maybe one day anyway. All of these things would probaly have to come with their own parachutes or something or else people would just be falling out of the sky every time something went wrong. 'What do you mean you forgot to gas the flying car?!?!'

Great idea. Paint a 3D room so that people wandering through it will randomly feel the need to projectile vomit. Just looking at these pictures is making me motion sick.
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