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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1075

I found this picture a while back cut out of some russian news site. At least, I'm assuming it's russian. It was all gibberish to me but I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself.

I'm sure that if I could read the headline it would say something like 'Devil Worshiping Cat Arsonist Apprehended At Last'.

On a sidenote, I'm also realizing how many of the animes I like most have also expounded upon the anti-cat theme. Fruits Basket had Kyo, cursed with the wretched demonic form of the cat and I'm in the process of re-watching Ranma 1/2 right now, and we all know he has a deathly fear of the foul beasts. Enough so that whenever he's in contact with them he goes all psychotic with the Neko Ken. I think this just shows that I'm naturally drawn toward these grains of truth hidden in plain sight.
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