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There goes the season

Well, all the Scifi channel shows wrapped up tonight and it was quite an extravaganza. It's a good thing I was able to catch the stargate atlantis finale months ago because matched up against the others it was a major disapointment. It would have just been a letdown to see it for the first time tonight. So lets see....

Battlestar Galactica

Man, the writers for this show kick ass. They're always pulling out the most improbable shit in these episodes and surprising the hell out of me. What other show has ever had a 380 day timelapse mid-episode for a season finale? Who the hell could have ever seen that coming? They probaly should have made it longer for everything to have undergone the changes they needed for the story, but still, a 1 year gap is pretty ballsy. Just think of all the backstory they'll likely have to fill in with details like starbuck and anders' marriage or the chief and kaylee and her pregnancy.

When I first saw the city scene in new caprica it just hit me. It's overcast, gloomy, looks like it rains constantly and the people in the city seem a bit grungy. They've actually founded New Seatle! Either that or London maybe. It just seems remarkable that within a year's time, all attention to defense and the fleet could have just been allowed to lapse. I mean, these people survived a genocidal war where 99.99999% of the human race got squished like a bug. I can't see them just letting their millitary just lapse and leaving skeleton crews on the battlestars in just a year's time. If nothing else, you'd think they'd be flying constant raptor patrols just to make sure they had advanced warnings if the cylons were ever coming again. It just seems highly improbable though you can sort of see where the writers were caught in a catch 22. They needed a lapse of time for these changes but it couldn't be too long or there would be too much character backstory and development to account for. There has to be a strong sense of continuity after all.

The whole Gina-suicide nuke was also sort of weird. I'm not sure if we're to believe that she did it on purpose so that the cylons could find the fleet again in the end. It seemed to play into the situation nicely but I don't see how it was anything other than a happy accident for the cylons. They don't seem to have any form of long distance communication between the various toasters, humanform or otherwise, and it's not like she had been taking orders and toeing the cylon line given the fact that she gave up the resurrection ship. It just seems weird however that she would have waited that long to blow the nuke. I'm still not sure WTF baltar was thinking in giving it to her, even given the fact that he's a certifiable madman.

Stargate SG1

Man, wet, overcast and gloomy seems to be a constant through these shows lately. I wonder if they've simply had torrential rains up in vancouver and so both SG1 and BSG simply had to use what was avaliable. Actually, I'm not even sure where BSG films. It must've been a bitch to keep the mud off of all the costumes. Anyway, the story line was okay overall, though I'm getting a little annoyed with the merlin angle already. I like the whole medeval feel and all, but the retreads with black knights and merlin holograms are starting to become a bit old. I was sorta hoping to actually see a real living merlin in his lab, hidden away somewhere in cryofreeze. It'd be nice to get some more background on the ancients and also spice things up a bit.

You know, I'm not sure what in the world the SGC/Asgard/Jaffa alliance were freaking thinking when they sent their fleet up against that supergate. Now, I think it was a good idea to try to destroy the sucker too, but once the ori ships came through they should have run like rabbits. This is a race of people who as an offhand gesture gave the plans to some primative nutjobs to build a satelite that ended up blowing up the prometheus with 3 shots or so. You had to be absolutely certain that their own goddamn ships would be nearly indestructable and bring a factor of whoopass beyond measure. In fact, I'm actually a little disapointed in how underpowered the ori ships seemed to be in the end. Those mega canons of theirs actually seemed to be stopped by shields for a blast or two. I thought it would be like a hot chainsaw through butter. Those frakkers were also huge as freaking hell. I'm not sure what sort of himalayan-sized cliff vala was standing on in the previous episode to have made them look so tiny during construction. They were freaking monstrous. Not very sleek designwise, but who needs a slick design when you can vaporize anything that gets in your way.
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