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The sleep of the dead

I think I must be fighting off a cold or something recently. I'm a bit congested when I wake up in the mornings and lately I've been sleeping like there's no tommorrow. I slept away all of sunday and woke up still tired. Maybe it's my own form of narcolepsy.

There was a gameday this past saturday and I'm happy to report that I actually got to play a couple of the games I own. We ended up running through Santiago, Amun-Re, and finally Spacefarers of Catan. Overall, I think santiago is still my favorite even though I came in dead last. I just like the whole bidding and backbiting elements of it, not to mention opressing workers on the plantation. It looks like both Lori and Cath are going to head to gencon this year, or are at least considering it. That should make for quite a large and interesting group of friends showing up. It'll probaly also speed that progression of the convention from pure gaming to more of a social event for me.

Other than that, nothing all that interesting is happening. Still haven't heard back about the applications but as long as it's not rejections in the mail, that's a wash.
Tags: board/card gaming, insomnia, the bills

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