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Only 8 shopping days left so get a move on

The dreaded 3-0 is just around the corner and it sucks. At least I know I can console myself with the fact that vala_amaris will always be a few months older than me and will fall into decreptitude first while I maintain the full blush of youth. Still, it's a small consolation. I don't have any birthday plans lined up, having shot down the idea that my sister floated of taking a trip to France for a few days. You'd think she were being ironic, but she actually thought the idea would be fun. Ya, that's just how I would want to spend a birthday. Stuck in an entire country full of frogs with no belt-fed machinegun in sight.

In other news, Lunacon starts tommorrow. I told Matt Lee that I would give him a hand running the boardgames there and setting up even though it's really a litterary con more than anything else. I don't see the point but apparently people get together in panels and seminars to discuss aspects of writing sci-fi and fantasy. I assume it's all things like how big should my princess character's breasts be or trying to determine how much comraderie between two oiled-up muscled barbarian characters can exist before it starts to seem gay. There's also some sort of giant raffle where you can win....BOOKS! "Our Book Exhibit will have a selection of the latest books in the genre plus other classics donated to the Society." Damn thing sounds like a librarian convention. Still, I've been promised there will be a gaming track so off I go to whore myself for playroom entertainment and neca.
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