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Undead or alive, you're coming with me

You know, I've been pretty lucky when it comes to tv lately. It seems that the less I watch of it, the better the shows I do see get. I used to follow tons of shows on tv, watching god knows how many hours of tv a day. Nowadays, I'm only following 4 shows, the sci-fi channel's friday night lineup and the shield. I've already rambled on a bit about how kickass the sci-fi shows have been, but the shield has been spectacular this season. If you aren't watching it, you should find a way to get ahold of the past seasons and catch the reruns.

Last season had Glenn Close as a guest star as the entire season and this time around it's Forest Whitaker. If anything, he's even more fantastic and I've not sure I've ever seen a drama this intense and well written. There are only a dozen or so episodes ever season and each one has you rivetted. The season finale is this tuesday and they're going to extend it by 30 minutes and I can't wait.

So, is anyone else watching this? I want to talk shop goddamnit.
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