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Everyone do the Con-Con

Lunacon started up and I ran a buncha demo games there yesterday. It's a small crowd but they seem really interested in KB for some reason. Usually there are a couple people who have heard of it and are receptive when I offer to demo the game for them. In this case, people were actually trying to seek me out for more info and a demo. It also looks like all the promotional material was snatched up almost immediately. It's nice to know that carting around that heavy-ass box served some purpose. I must've had like 15-20 pounds worth of game catalogues and assorted pamphlets in there. I'll probaly be heading back there tonight after the boardgame meetup. I promised a few people I would be there to run a NBC tourney if enough people end up showing.

On an unrelated segway, I've managed to give myself a neck kink, which is really irritating. I think it was because I was so exhausted last night after getting home. I basically stumbled into bed and passed out. That exhaustion no doubt made my body overlook the discomfort of having slept with my neck bent out of shape like a slinky. Oh well, que sera, sera.
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