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How the time flies

So as I was listening to NPR this morning (have to keep track of the hippie propoganda machine) I was informed that it's the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq war. Man, it seems like just yesterday we were rolling in there and squishing flat every Tom, Dick, and Habib in the place. Of course, like most relationships by the time the third year rolls around some of the magic has gone out of it. You can only stumble across so many suicide bombings or IEDs, airstrikes or tank shells until it's just the same ol, same ol thing.

They say that the 3rd anniversary is supposed to be leather but I think we got the list mixed up and went out of order at some point. That whole abu graib thing with the leather belts used as leashes was so 2003. Besides, it looks like we skipped right to the 11th year with steel from what I hear about Operation Swarmer and the bombs being dropped on terrorist camel jockeys.

Oh well. Here's to hoping that perhaps by the time the next anniversary rolls around we'll have managed to wipe out the terrorists, browbeat the various factions to come to some sort of rationality, and maybe get the hell out of there when all of that is done. If that fails, I still think we should consider the fallback plan of dropping a few nukes on the place. I wonder what anniversary year is a thermonuclear death cloud.
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