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Weekend Pictures

A couple of shots I snapped from Lunacon and the last Boardgame Meetup. Nothing all that special.

Lori had snapped some photos a bit back but was apparently having issues with uploading the whozits. Seems she lost the interface wire that connects to the digital camera, and since I had mine with me I thought I'd take a few shots. I'm not even going to make a vague attempt to identify all the people in the various photos. Frankly, I can't even keep track of the individuals showing up lately there's been such a numbers explosion and I've never been very good at keep track of names anyway. It takes quite a few repeat visits before it starts to sink into my head and I find 'Hey you' is something that almost anyone will answer to. I like to think of it as an universal shortcut.

Here's Lori and others playing guillotine. Death to frogs!

Here's Angie who brought a copy of the new fruits basket card game which I thought was superspiffy. I love that anime. Bill played too and was, err, 'less enthused' about it.

Here's a buncha people I have no farging clue what that is. Ah, looking at the original picture and zooming in all the way I can make out mickeyheads all over the place so I'm assuming it's the disney trivia game.

Here's the gaming room at Lunacon. Nothing spectacular but it didn't choke nearly as bad as I feared. A lot of people were interested in demos and I actually had people coming up to me and asking KB rules questions. That's sorta spiffy.

Here's me with my swag ribbon and buttons. Lunacon apparently has this thing where people print up various ribbons and then stick them to their badges. The messages on there vary but most seem to be various inside jokes or indicate groups of individuals. This was the only one I picked up. I never even ended up purchasing a badge for the weekend, but no one seemed to notice nor care. Just as well.

Here's a closeup of the ribbon. I have no clue what it's referring to exactly but I thought it was pretty hilarious.
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