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Take me to your walgreens!

Anyone ever horribly abuse some store sale, returning over and over and pick up items because there's a limit per purchase? Walgreens is having a sale this week where their Bubble mailers are only 3 for $1.00 with coupon with a limit of 6 per purchase. These things are freaking fabulous for ebay auctions or for mailing out the trades I've made with people online for CCGs or True Dungeon tokens and I've been on a mission to stockpile them. Since the sale started, I've managed to accumilate 38 of them in various sizes ranging from 4x7" to 9x12". The two closest walmarts to me are out of them due to my depredations and I'm wondering if I should expand the radius of my mailer aquisition.

My only lament at the moment is that they're probaly not big enough, even at the largest size, to accomodate what I have to mail to vala_amaris for her care package project.
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