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Assumptions and skid marks

When you're browsing through the Latest Posts thing, you're often struck by how banal the lives of others really are, and by extension your life as well. As you scan through the pages of text and pictures you often see the same things repeated over and over. People cramming for exams, people with crushes on unsuspecting friends, weird pictures of all sorts, etc. You also make some tacit assumptions and it's interesting when you're brought up short.

Case in point...

So I was looking for an interesting picture or something for my Latest Posts photo of the day when something caught my eye. I believe it was something about buldging hardness or something of that sort. So I scanned back up and found someone reminiscing about their first time with some guy named Paul. I thought it was kinda sweet as I was skimming along with everything written in prose and methaphors like some sort of harlequinn romance novel. Then I read the lines by Paul of: (something to the effect of) Oh! Jack of me off, Jeff. *screech* If this were a cartoon, cue the screeching tire noise and skid marks. Jeff?!? WTF?! I was thinking Cindy or Megan or Nicole...not Jeff. Now, I had nothing invested in this, I wasn't even reading it as much as I was skimming it but it's remarkable how that one Proper Noun brought me to attention and kicked my mind out of its bemused revelry.

It's interesting how many assumptions we make throughout the day and how many of them never end up being pulled up short. Certainly everything in the post had seemed too girly and well, soft, to have me suspect it was written by a guy. I'm not even sure what I expected once I knew...maybe something hardcore with "bom chika bom" going int he background. Regardless of how minor, it's still kinda disturbing when your view of the world shudders for a moment like a jello mold.

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