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One and a half 1000 dollar sundaes

I've got some birthday pictures I just uploaded to the computer but I don't quite feel like resizing them and popping them up to photobucket right about now. One upshot of the birthday is I ended up getting $1500 dollars in cash. This means I can now afford one of those swanky caviar and gold foil sundaes I mentioned a while back. WooT. On the otherhand, I'm sure the cash will come in quite handy when it boils down to convention season and it's time to start paying for the trips to origins and indy.

In other news, I've swapped my LJ layout option and it's taking some getting used to. Actually, it's obnoxious as heck. I had gotten really accustomed to the way it was but there was some sort of shift that swapped my left and right columns. Being unable to find out why or fix it, I picked something that looked similar but the little differences are still irking me.

WooT. Found a new layout that's better than what I had originally. Now if I could just figure out some way to increase the font size....
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