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Halfway there

So I got my first piece of official correspondance from the schools I applied to concerning the applications. One of them is requesting an interview in which I talk shop with some of their faculty members and then tour the campus. Frankly, it sounds like a bore and a pain in the ass to boot but there's not much that can be done about it. At least I know I've made it past their first layer or two of screening. It's very unlikely they're offering interview slots to every single person who applied there. If they did, it'd be a farging zoo no matter how many faculty members they had willing to go through the dog and pony show.

It's sorta crappy because this school isn't my first choice (unless all the others flat out reject me in which case this school was the one I wanted all along) and it would be nice to know if this is just going to be a waste of time when the acceptance/rejection letters are finally sent.

Christ. I found a website which provides feedback information on interviews for these schools and now I'm starting to freak. The questions, some of them anyway, are just batshit insane. Quite a few people were asked how many registered drugs there are in the United States and others were given technical pop quizes on what the heck the Kreb Cycle is. WTH? I figured I would have enough problems with generic things like 'why do you want to come to our school', resisting the urge to reply, because you're closeby as my answer. I don't need this crap. Why can't they just look at the application materials, see I've got the pre-requisite whozits, and just send me an acceptance letter already.
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