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Killer DM! Killer DM!

Well, to my surprise it looks like our DnD campaign is finally back on track. We've been on a hiatus ever since the start of november. We should have started back up right after new year's but things kept getting in the way. Randy dislocated a shoulder, Kath sprained an ankle, Bill's mom got sick, Kath's dog developed cancer, local cons clashed with DnD dates, other obligations got mixed into the stew, etc. It's been a mess. We finally got back on track however and re-entered the world of The Shackled City.

I'm not sure if I ever described this campaign but it was printed in installments in dungeon magazine over the course of years. They finally decided to update the whole thing for 3.5 and release it as a giant hardcover compendium that should carry characters through their entire development from lvl 1 to 20+. The damn thing is a fucking death trap.

I have no clue who the hell designed this dungeon but it is overpowered out the wazoo. We basically have a party of 5 people, 4 PCs and a NPC, and are all at 4th level. In today's adventure after going down a cavern to hunt and kill goblins, we ran into a freaking vampire. Sure, it was supposedly watered down, but you wouldn't know that from the fact that it level drained x2 one PC, was completely immune to mundane weapons (and of course no one had a magic weapon since this damn campaign is pretty magic poor), and eventually just shifted off into gaseous form. Who the frak puts a god damn vampire up against lvl 4 characters? The kicker is the thing is only rated as a CR 4. If my character weren't a warlock, the entire party would have been TPK meat a half dozen times over.
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