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An interviewing I will go

So I scheduled the sucker for this thursday at 10am. I'll have to trek 80 miles or so for this thing and it should only last a hour for the actual interview part. Then there's going to be some paperwork whozit and a tour of sorts after that. In all, I should be there for 4 hours max.

I guess in the meantime I should start crafting smart-sounding answers to the generic questions and find out how many drugs are actually registered in the United States. Feh. I'm also informed by my sister that jeans and a t-shirt would probaly not be proper attire for the interview process. Facists. Maybe it might even score me points to go in there with a Killer Bunnies t-shirt. The interviewer might be a fan of the game and I could slip him a few promo cards on the side to sweeten the pot.
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