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Never know what you're gunna get

I'm looking at a booster pack of the NBC CCG I picked up at the tourney this past saturday and trying to divine what might be inside it. A unopened booster of any CCG is like Schrodinger's cat. What's inside the pack? No one knows. It could both contain an ultra-rare and not contain it at the same time, much like the cat being alive and dead inside the box. Until the seal is broken, the aroma of sealing glue released, and the cards fanned out, it could be just about anything inside there.

This is of course the addicting nature of collectable games in the first place. That small but persistant possibility that what lies, unknown, in there could have great value. The smart people among us know that the odds in general suck and it's far better to sell it to saps who will pay more money than it's worth to open it and take their luck. There's a reason why for old magic boosters and baseball card packs, the unopened ones are worth almost more than some of the high priced cards in the set.

I had a thought recently that what I should do is wait until CCGs die completely, and then buy up hugely discounted boxes of boosters just so I can cheaply have the satisfaction of rare and ultra-rare hunting. God knows I have enough CCG packs for various games just sitting around here.
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