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Off to the post office

Well it was mailing day. I tried to put it off until I could just make one trip but apparently cancer kid has to get his goodies and vala_amaris kept guilting me in hurrying with her oppressive silence on the subject.

It turns out that when you get a payment from a german bank (or any foreign one I'd imagine) on paypal, it takes 3-4 days for the thing to process. This frankly makes no farging sense to me. I thought all this crap was electronic and speedy as fuck nowadays. Why would anyone want to wait 3 days for an electronic payment of like $10.50 to clear? From that amount it should be pretty obvious the guy is not exactly funding my jihad or something. Anyway, it would have taken till tommorrow at the earliest to clear so I decided to just trek out and mail everything else I had to send. This included:

2 letters to NECA with NBC scorecards for events I had run recently

1 Resurrection promo card for Sitting ducks that someone on boardgamegeek wanted

1 True Dungeon Ultra Rare token that I was sending off for a trade (In case you're curious it was a girdle of giant strength)

1 package of games and odds and ends for vala_amaris's friend's son. The damn thing ended up weighing around 6 pounds and cost near 10 dollars just to track and ship. I hope that the family is local or else the combined shipping on the combined package is proably going to be an arm and a leg. On a sidenote, the extra fuddy duddy in there is for you, ya mooch. You're also welcome to swipe anything else in there for yourself if anything strikes your fancy :).
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