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Weird dreams

I've been sleeping a lot again lately and having some pretty vivid and odd dreams again. I'm not sure when this started but it's as if the production quality of my dreams have received a real boost in the past year or so. All of a sudden I'm dreaming in full color, with a narrative theme, and they're actually sort of interesting. Maybe what it is is that my brain is just bored and starting to rot so it feels it needs something to do.

On the whole application front, I've received some more disconcerting news. It seems that of the 4 schools I applied to, 3 are in that category of only having a handful of slots. Basically in those cases it'd be like winning the lottery sort of odds. The only place where I seem to have a real chance is where I interviewed at, and even there the ratio of those given interviews and those accepted was around 4 to 1 last year. Feh. I hate this crap.
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