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Fear the awesome power of my Spooge Flood!

So that card game Hentacle I ordered last week arrived in the mail yesterday. It's pretty much as advertised. The card stock is iffy, as if someone printed it up in their basement somewhere and then cut them with one of those straight edged blades you used to have in art classes in elementary school. You know, that giant thing with the handle that kids would always play with pretending to chop their own limbs or the limbs of others off with.

Still, it's worthwhile just for the camp value as far as I'm concerned. Any game where 'sucky-sucky' and the aforementioned 'spooge flood' are actual cards means it'll be memorable if nothing else. My main complaint is that the cards are too big to fit inside any standard card case I have. That's just obnoxious. The least they could have done was tried to keep the cards to the same general dimension as every other game out there. Oh well. Maybe I'll pull it out at the next game day at Panera and see how well it goes over. I'm certainly not going to bring it to the Meetup.

Still no sign of Suicide Bomber the card game in the mail.
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