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Anything interesting happening lately?


Still waiting to hear back about the applications and dreading it.

Have a baby shower to go to this saturday which I'm figure will be pretty blah.

Trying to sell more crap on ebay but the blasted people there refuse to give me more of their money. Selfish bastards.

Still, STILL watching ranma 1/2. I'm up to season 6 at the moment with around 40 more episodes to go, 2 movies, and 12 OVAs.

Treasure tokens are shipping today. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for an ultra-rare.

Everytime I play Civ IV now I can't resist the urge to go into the world builder and create myself a modern tank in like 2400 BC. I then use it to roll over all of the barbarians and others who are pissing me off. Try to attack my city? Ha! There's a tank behind you!

Slap fights on the LJ snopes feed isn't all that interesting but it helps to pass the time.

Still reading pratchett books I just bought. 2 more until I'm completely caught up on everything out in paperback.
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