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I love it when a plan comes together

So it looks like things are going pretty good as far as con planning is going. I've sent out the emails the the PMs and it looks like I've got a Golden Ticket run for TD all set in stone. mock26 and some other people from the TD forums will be joining me for it and I figure we have a pretty good shot at taking the prize. There are supposedly a few good puzzle solvers in the batch and I'm not exactly a slouch either. I'm sure the combat aspect is going to be cheese. With the way we're all likely to be equipped, we'll probaly roll over the enemy without even realizing they're there.

On top of that, I've been trying to put together a normal TD run with forumites and others and it looks like everyone is at least interested. balkin and friend, mock26 and mutual friends, BRP and his crew, and Chelle and her hubby. The schedule hashing is going to be a pain the ass because BRP can only go on saturday night after all of his events are complete. I know for a fact that conflicts with Nascrag, though I'm not sure if I'm going to even bother giving it another whirl this year. Putting together a team is too much of a headache, not to mention russian roulette with who you get stuck with. I would try to slip myself in with an established team but the problem there is I don't really have a good communication mech for something like that. Oh well.

Can someone still on the gencon forums do me a favor? Track down an email address for NZ Knight? I figure I might as well drop him and the rest of last year's nascrag crew a line and see if everyone else is going to go for it.
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