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Borders love continues

Well, this sort of piecemeal purchasing at borders is working out quite nicely. I picked up another couple of paperbacks today at 25% off each, and placed an order for more after I discovered I had 2 more 25% off coupons. It's too bad the store isn't just right next door. With this sort of revolving domino effect (buy something with a coupon, get a new coupon with receipt, occassionally get a coupon in email), I could seem myself stopping in there practical every day until the holes in my paperback collection rounded itself out.

I'm working on reading pratchett's going postal right now and enjoying it thoroughly. Nightwatch is next and I have Hat Full of Sky on order. True to form, now I'm entertaining worries that he's going to drop dead before he can write more books. I've dubbed it Author Mortality Phobia and I first experienced it when I was in the midst of one of David Eddings' series and waiting eagerly for the next one. I happened to look at the 'about the author' blurb at the back of one of the novels and realized the guy was 80 or something. That led to panic that he would somehow meet the grim reaper before he could finish all the books in the series and leave it hanging. Sure, not the most compassionate of responses, but nothing sucks more than a series that dosen't end. It dosen't even matter if the ending is crappy as long as I can close the book on it, so to speak.

BTW, losing weight isn't nearly as enjoyable as putting it back on. I sometimes wonder if this is why people yo-yo diet. It's like the effort of riding the roller coaster to the top of the first plunge for the thrill of the fall.
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