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Fuck you, Gencon

Event ticket refunds are subject to a 5% administrative fee of the total amount of the refund. If you choose to exchange your event tickets or request a system credit the 5% administrative fee is waived. If you would like more information regarding the new refund policy, please send an email to Stacie Balelo, our Customer Service Manager, her email address is

I can't believe this shit. They can take their administrative fee and shove it up their collective asses. As if it weren't enough already that they've raised badge prices and crap, but now they're hitting us with refund fees? What the hell is next? The privledge of buying our event tickets tax?

This nickel and diming bullshit just pisses me off. They'll claim that it's to stop mass purchasing/refunding but that's just a front for a chance to line their own pockets. You can very easily identify and target abusers who buy up large number of tickets only to refund them latter. Not to mention that with their event registration system that does not allow overlapping timeslots, it's almost impossible that many people COULD even buy up huge numbers of tickets they don't plan to use. The only place that breaks down at all is with TD where you can purchase up to all 7 tickets per slot instead of the usual 2. Thus, they could have developed this policy with only TD in mind, kicking back to the 5% to the TD event, but instead figured they can make a little more moolah if they just applied it across the board and pocketed the whole thing.

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