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Tokens have arrived!

Welp, I got my giant bag of tokens and just spent a hour and change sorting the lot of them. No purple in the batch but some good stuff regardless. I ended up getting like 4 full platemails for some reason. To give you an idea of how off that is, it would mean that even though I bought essentially 2% of the tokens in this first run, I received 11% of the platemails in it. It'll make for nice trade fodder I guess, but it would have been spiffy to have gotten some more of the new tokens. Overall I seem to have gotten a pretty middle of the road distribution as far as value. The platemails are balanced by 2 50gp tokens and a crapload of things like wands of magic missile, elven cloaks, and quarterstaves +1. Could have been better. Could have been worse.
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