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Couldn't sleep for various reasons. Popped a codeine. Feeling a bit more mellow now, though that might just be the exhaustion starting to kick in. Got that baby shower to go to later on today. Since I had no clue what to get for a baby (the closest thing I could come up with was one of those little lawnmower bubble-pop things from fisher price before it was pointed out that it'd hardly be of use to a baby) I foisted the present buying off on someone else. So what I ended up with is a couple of pieces of baby clothing, which seems sorta ridiculous to me but I'm told that's what people buy for showers. I always subscribed to the idea that you never buy clothes for other people for whatever reason. It almost never seems to end well. I guess they probaly make an exception when the person being clothed can't exactly protest at the selection.

Anyway, I also finished Pratchett's Night Watch last night and it was fabulous. IMO it was the best that he's written so far and quite a step away from his usual work. It was far more serious and with the plot structure and character development of a normal novel rather than something you expect from comedic fantasy. He seems to be getting better and better with every book he puts out lately. The only skip in this steady climb upwards was Monstrous Regiment which I didn't care for as much. I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Thud! in paperback. With the completion of Night Watch, the only book that I have left to read to be fully caught up is A Hat Full of Sky and I should be getting that in 3-4 days when it comes in at Borders.
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