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Take that you blood-sucking bastard

Well, scratch one lesser vampire. In the DnD session today we finally got rid of the vampire bugbear, but we proably shouldn't have. We ended up having to run out of the lair _again_ after having fled the last time around too. Once again the darn thing crit'ed our main combat tank and drained off two levels as the very first 'surprise' action. That sort of put a damper on things, though it may have had something to do too with the hoards of minions everywhere. This meant that after clearing it out, a lot of the loot had already been moved out of the place so what we have to show for our efforts is a +1 halberd, +1 studded leather, and some other minor piece of gobbily gook I don't even recall. We also ended up 700 XP short of lvl 5 which also sorta sucks. I'm looking forward to crafting wonderous items and they only start to be even slightly useful with a caster level of 5. Before that it's just completely useless crap.

On a sidenote, I gave in to the dark side and ordered another $250 worth of tokens. I know I shouldn't. I mean, I KNOW I shouldn't. It's not like I have craploads of money and means I will have to dip even further into the birthday fund which I really should be saving for the summer cons. Not to mention I already have more tokens than I know what to freaking do with. I think I've got something like _8_ platemail armors. Maybe I should try to recoup some of the losses on ebay at some point, selling packs that outfit certain character classes after event reg. If people know for a fact they're going to go to TD and have a group where they've sorted out what they want to be ahead of time, they'd probaly want to get tokens for their character without having to suffer the randomness of buying packs.
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