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Video games shenanigans

I think I first ran into this quite a while back but never really payed much attention. Some people are running around and making ? Boxes a la Mario brothers. They then proceed to hang these shiney things around town in usually hard to reach places and inside them are things like cutouts of mushrooms or power flowers or whatever. Sort of a spiffy nostalgic idea overall. Well, unless people think that Osama Bin Laden is the one responsible for them.

Here is 'The Internet is for Porn' as performed by the characters from World of Warcraft.

There are all sorts of general rules you should probaly follow when hosting a funeral. Things along the lines of open casket vs closed casket, how long it goes on for, etc. Not placing it in a PK (player kill) zone is probaly not one that usually comes to peoples' minds though I'll bet it's going to be on the checklist from now on. It looks like some people were holding a funeral online for a player who had died IRL. Other people who knew him were gathering to pay their respects and basically do the funeral thing. Since it was held in an area where you could attack other players, a rival guild immediately planned an assault force. Since they were right bastards about it, they even made a video after the fact. Maliciously hilarious.
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