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More <3 for Borders

Just came back from Borders after picking up my ordered book of A Hat Full of Sky. I ended up going there with 3 25% off coupons and 1 30% off coupon and came back with 4 books in total and 4 more 25% off coupons. It's like this escalating avalanche of coupons as I search for books I'm still missing.

This time around I got, in addition to the pratchett book, 2 books by Kate Elliot in a long-running series that I've been following, and Annihilation: Book 5 in the Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen Saga. The latter one was the missing link that caused all the confusion with dead main characters and the like I mentioned earlier.

While there I placed an order for The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents which will round out the pratchett collection until Thud! is released in paperback in september.
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