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Duke Lacrosse Speculation

Well, despite the DNA evidence it looks like the DA is going to push on with the case. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned that only proves that this is some sort of politically motivated witch hunt. Any sane and rational person would still be evaluating the evidence and waiting for the rest of the forensic evidence test results to come back. But it's hardly a time for rationality when the black community and feminazis are all up at arms. The DA's gone too far now to turn back and he's enpaneled a grand jury for monday to try to get an indictment.

Overall, this is for the good quite frankly. Now we can finally get all the evidence out in the open and see just exactly what, if anything, of a factual basis is driving this investigation. The people who have tried to all but convict the players in the opening days of the investigation had to watch the DNA results come back with chagrin and now have fallen back on the argument that no one knows what super, miraculous evidence the DA might have hidden up his sleeves. Well, now we can finally have a grand jury take a look at that seekrit evidence and see what they think about it.

It's funny but right on the heels of this announcement that the DA is going to push on, some new information was released including the dispatch tapes for the first officer on the scene. In it he claims that the 'victim' was fine and simply passed out drunk. That's going to be a fun one to explain because as we know, passing out inebriated is often something people do after being violently attacked. On top of that, the DA has revealed that the accuser has picked at least one individual out of a lineup. Apparently she couldn't do that immediately after the incidence, but given a few weeks to think about it no doubt made it simplier. The police also went and attempted to interview some of the players and there was an interesting bit of speculation based on the questions they asked.

"The questioning that was going on was all about who was not at the party," Ekstrand said. "It's not hard to conclude from all of this that they are very concerned that this accuser has identified — if the D.A.'s correct, she did identify one or two of the boys last week — they're concerned that she's identified somebody who was demonstrably not at the party and they're trying to figure out who that might have been.

Now that would be interesting if it pans out. Of course, she can always fall back on the defense that all whiteys look alike, but that might be stretching it a bit even for nominal supporters of her story. The hardcore elements will soldier on though no matter what happens.
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