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But is it worth it?

Just got an email from LJ, which I think is the first one I've ever picked up from the site. In fact, I wasn't even aware they had my email address, though I assume they must've either asked for it when I joined up or pulled it off my profile. was the gist of it:

In addition to the Free and Paid levels, we're adding a new account level called Sponsored+. The Sponsored+ account level is an option for users who want access to premium features but would rather have advertising on their journal and Friends page and in the LiveJournal site than purchase a Paid account.

Interesting. So for the price of being forced to watch ads, and also subject anyone who reads this to those ads and is not a paid member, I get the assorted perks of being a paid user. Which more or less means that I get to have additional userpics, when I barely use the ones I've got and make phone posts. It seems that they will also roll out things like being able to post polls and the like at some later date for sponsered LJs.

So, is it worth it? Almost evrything has ads nowadays and most of us have been trained to pretty much overlook them anyway. As long as it's not too garish with video or, god help them, audio I can't see it being very disruptive. Also, just think of the benefits to you, the viewing audience. The benefit of actually hearing me flying into a spittle-splattering rat about the hellish nature of cats could be sorta entertaining, no? Errr...maybe not.

I guess if they had already worked out the add a poll feature and I was a sponsered user I could take a vote to see if I should become a sponsered user. Oh the catch-22 of it all.
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